I am Ruby Keene. Or am I?

I am all the stereotypes of bad librarians rolled into a single, scintillatingly attractive yet judgmental, hidebound, snobbish, off-putting, and unapproachable package.

Unlike actual librarians, I have better things to do than to help you. Unlike actual librarians, I don’t like being at the desk where you can approach me, and I definitely don’t like leaving the desk to help you find anything. Unlike actual librarians, I hate technology, boring questions about where the bathrooms are, interesting questions about genealogy, fiction, research, local history or local events. I dislike babies, small children, animals, and genre literature. And don’t even suggest that I dirty my hands with story time or anything involving teenagers.

I will judge you by what you read.

I will roll my eyes at you when you ask me for help.

I am not real.


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